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Course Code Course Name Module
DCS03009 Workshop 1: The Role of Leaders in Staff Retention DCS IN Supervisor Series
Credit: 6 hours Presents a leadership model that introduces self-mastery and teaches ways of cultivating both hard and soft leadership skills; provides information, tools and methods for leaders to use to support staff in creating and sustaining a positive culture and organizational climate for staff retention.
DCS03010 Workshop 2: The Practice of Retention-Focused Supervision DCS IN Supervisor Series
Credit: 6 hours Promotes supervisory competencies for retaining effective staff, including self-assessment and planning tools; includes methods and tools for setting objectives, structuring the supervisory process, encouraging self-care and managing stress in the workplace. Intentional use of the supervisory relationship to meet individual and organizational goals is stressed.
DCS03011 Workshop 3: Working with Differences DCS IN Supervisor Series
Credit: 6 hours Provides understanding, methods and tools for tailoring supervision to the diverse characteristics, learning and behavioral styles and professional development needs of staff; encourages the development of self-awareness, self-mastery and relationship skills.
DCS03012 Workshop 4: Communications Skills DCS IN Supervisor Series
Credit: 6 hours Provides specific information, tools and activities to model effective communication skills within the supervisory relationship.
DCS03013 Workshop 5: The First Six Months DCS IN Supervisor Series
Credit: 6 hours Provides a structure, methods and tools for orienting, supporting and training new staff during their first six months on the job; promotes particular attention to raising supervisory awareness and skills in helping staff cope with and manage the stress of the job, as well as the growing workload.
DCS03014 Workshop 6: Recruiting and Selecting the Right Staff DCS IN Supervisor Series
Credit: 6 hours Provides information on promising practices and tools for recruiting and selecting front line staff; includes profiles of desirable qualities needed in front-line supervisors and staff and processes for managing timely hiring and conducting successful interviews, including behavioral interview questions.
DCS03008 DCS Annual All-State Supervisor Workshop N/A
Credit: 12 hours This workshop will cover topics identified by a State Supervisor Committee and include things such as Concurrent Planning, the Child and Family Team Meeting Training Video and a Breakthrough Series Collaborative Initiative
DCS03026 Coaching for Successful Practice N/A
Credit: 6 hours A 1-day training that builds on the coaching/mentoring skills learned in Supervisor CORE. Participants will use a real case study example from their own practice to identify challenges family case managers face with Practice Model skills and apply coaching/mentoring/modeling skills to move the practice forward.