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Course Code Course Name Module
DCS03001 Orientation Supervisor CORE
Credit: 0 hours Introduction to Supervisors Training Modules.
DCS03002 Administrative Supervision Supervisor CORE
Credit: 18 hours New supervisors will explore ways to maximize management effectiveness, use data in decision making, ensure accountability to stakeholders, build relationships with staff and effectively advocate for clients and staff.
DCS03004 HR and MaGIK Supervisor CORE
Credit: 18 hours HR:Participants receive practical information including information on documentation and performance appraisals. MaGIK: Participants practice use of the automated tracking system in their required daily activities.
DCS03003 Educational Supervision Supervisor CORE
Credit: 18 hours Participants will review learning styles, new worker training, different supervision styles, TOL, mentoring process, policies and rules of agency, coaching techniques, use of constructive feed-back, empowerment of workers and structured supervision.
DCS03005 Supportive Supervision Supervisor CORE
Credit: 18 hours Participants review motivation of staff, dealing with secondary trauma in self and others, burnout, assessment of team functioning, successful resolution of conflict, increasing job satisfaction of workers.