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Course Code Course Name
DCS01007 Leadership from Within for New Directors and Managers
Credit: 24 hours This 4-day series affords New Local Office Directors the opportunity to plan and develop their leadership legacy while working independently and as a group. Throughout this training, each Director will utilize a combination of coursework, group work and individual life work that will introduce theories, assessments, tools and practices to support his/her leadership legacy. Participants will use the “DISC” behavioral assessment tool to analyze their own approach to leadership development and to enhance communication skills with their local office team. Having established an understanding of the DISC behavioral language, participants will explore work place challenges and opportunities by covering the following topics: time management, developing tone, group problem solving, managing up, change management, TQM principles, managing a team. Participants should leave this series ready to begin the implementation of their own unique leadership legacy.
DCS01001 Local Office Directors Workshop
Credit: 0 hours Workshop will cover several topics identified by a committee of Local Office Directors. Topics include Domestic Violence, Developmental Disabilities, Finance, Human Resources, Data Review and Understanding and the Statewide Abuse and Neglect Hotline. This workshop will assist Local Office Directors with helpful information and provide an opportunity for networking.